Powerful BTS Quotes

BTS Quotes

Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS) is a sensational KPop boy band that has achieved heights of success since their start on June 12, 2013. Even the English name of the band, Beyond the Scene, has a perpetual and deep meaning behind its curation.

The Grammy-nominated band is not only known for their heavenly good looks but humble nature, bold statements, unmatchable lyrics, raps, and voices. The list can go on with the accomplishments of these 7 Kings of the most massive fandom, the ARMYs.

Debuted under BigHit Entertainment, the boys have now grown to become fine matured men with a great bond between them and their fans. In here we have hand-picked some of the best known BTS quotes that can surely uplift your mood within a blink of an eye.

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BTS Quotes

Never give up on a dream that you’ve been chasing almost of your life- Park Jimin

Born on October 13, 1995, Park Jimin is not only blessed with stunning looks, an angelic voice, and graceful dancing style; the singer has a lot to say to their beloved fanbase, the ARMYs. Having had to face a lot of difficulties to reach the top position, the singer is encouraging people never to leave their dream or passion. No matter what you want to be, no matter if anyone is there to back you up, just keep on going ahead, and you will surely achieve it one day.

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BTS Quotes

I’d rather die than to live without passion- Jeon Jungkook

One of the youngest heartthrobs of a fandom consisting of 500M people, Jeon Jungkook is adorably named Kookie by his fans. Inexplicably talented, the ‘Golden Maknae’ of BTS is a living example for all those who are striving hard to achieve their passion. One of my favourite BTS quotes of all time, the singer and dancer has described his attitude towards his dreams in a mature and inspirational way.

BTS Quotes

You’re really the only one who needs to acknowledge your effort- Kim Seokjin

The owner of the World’s Most Perfect Male Face 2020, Kim Seokjin is no doubt an angel disguised as a human amongst us. The Visual and vocalist offers unimaginable voices in each of his songs coupled with incredible lyrics. The talented singer here asks us to be more loving towards oneself and have complete trust upon themselves. We are not born to impress others, but to do our duties, acknowledge our success, and forgive us for committing mistakes. It is we and only us who will be going through thick and thins till the end of our time.

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BTS Quotes

Don’t be trapped in someone else’s dream- Kim Taehyung

The incredibly handsome vocalist of BTS with insane duality and a smooth husky voice, Kim Taehyung has the best proportions in almost everything. Raised from nothing to the fortune of a King, the singer often associates with deeper meanings, than an average person can do. In this statement, he asks every one of us, to not be crushed under someone else’s expectations or dreams. It is okay to make others happy once or twice, but never to compromise your happiness for your whole life just for the sake of others.

BTS Quotes

Let’s not push off the thingswe need to do today for tomorrow- Jung Hoseok

The Sunshine of 500M ARMYs with an ever-lasting smiley face, Jung Hoseok is the Lead Rapper of BTS. But don’t go on these innocent looks, as his side profile and exposed forehead are here to kill. One of my favourite BTS quotes of all time, Hoseok, has wisely explained to us the importance of today and tomorrow. He encourages his followers to complete all work within the stipulated time without bumming it to the next day. So are you ready, to follow our Hobi’s suggestions and be a better version of yourselves?

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BTS Quotes

If i’m the sun, you’re the moon. because when I rise, you go down- Min Yoongi

With gorgeous overall looks and voice to slay, lead rapper of BTS, Min Yoongi, aka Suga/AGUST D is not one to mess with. Previously having to choose between bus or meal, the badass rapper is now one of the wealthiest singers in the world. Known for his savage replies, this statement is one of the best BTS Quotes Suga has for his haters. The rapper talks back to anti-fans referring him to be in his prime as the Sun with continuous success.

BTS Quotes

Too many stars, too many dreams. The reality is that in front of these things I’m just a speck of dust- Kim Namjoon

The coolest and the most inspirational leader, BTS and ARMYs could ever have, Kim Namjoon is a hardcore rapper. Widely known for his mesmerizing choice of words and motivational quotes, Kim Namjoon has always been benevolent to all the success. This quote is a real silence-breaker as the rapper focuses on motivating everyone to follow their dreams and not just watch someone do so. He has wisely referred him to as a speck of dust and not something exceptional as to you, me and all of us.

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