Addiction Recovery Quotes

Addiction recovery quotes

Addiction Recovery Quotes for Teenagers

Recovery is not a race

You don’t have to feel

Guilty if it takes you

Longer than you 

Thought it would


Some times you

can only find

heaven by

slowly backing

away from hell.

– Carrie Fisher

One of the hardest

things was learning

that I was worth


– Demi Lovato

Recovery is an

acceptance that

your life is in

shambles and you

have to change it.

– Jomie Lee Curtis

Addiction Recovery Quotes for Him

The Future Depends on

What You do Today.


I understood myself after I

destroyed myself. And only in

the process of fixing myself, did I

know who I really was.

– Unknown

Where there is

life, there is


– Ron Grover

Our greatest glory is

not in never falling,

but in rising up

every time we fall.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Addiction Recovery Quotes for Her

Copy of addiction pintrest

You Got This

– Unknown

May the Bridges Burn

Light the Way.


I am not telling you it is

going to be easy, i am

telling you it’s going

to be worth it.

– Unknown

Recovery is

not for people

who need it, it’s

for people

who want it.

– Unknown

Addiction Recovery Quotes for Parents

addiction recovery quotes

Addiction is a 

Family disease

One person may use,

But the whole family 

Suffers together.


This is 

The Sign

You’ve been

Looking For.

– Unknown

Recovery is an ongoing process,

for both the addict and his or her

family. In recovery, there is hope.

And hope is a wonderful thing.

– Dean Duaphinais

One of the most


decisions you’ll ever

make is to finally

let go of what is

hurting your heart

and soul.

– Brigitte Nicole

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